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We Are Proud to Welcome the LGBTQ Community!

At the Skin of Culture and Hair Center, we welcome our LGBTQ, and non- binary patients. We pride ourselves in caring for everyone equally in a judgment-free environment and to provide comprehensive and personalized care. How you identify and your orientation is respected in our office. Let us assist you in developing a hair or skin care regimen that is specific to you and resolves your hair, nails, and skin concerns. You deserve a dermatologist who genuinely cares, understands, is sensitive to your needs, and keeps your best interest in mind.

If you are currently undergoing hormone replacement therapy and are interested in knowing more about treatments for surgical scars, acne, face, and chin contouring, laser hair removal, hair restoration, hair loss/thinning edges or patches, restoring hair lines, beard growth, contact us today.

Transgender Hair Restoration
Beard growth
Platelet rich plasma
Scalp micropigmentation